Extension Services, Disease Surveillance and Anti-tick Campaigns

The major steps taken by the department under this category of services are:

  • Revamping of extension services
  • Capacity building of livestock farmers through farmer’s/field days
  • Visits of Mobile Veterinary Disease Diagnostics Labs
  • Anti-tick campaigns through injections and sprays on mass level
  • Capacity building of veterinarians and para-vets
  • Extension and education through mobile training buses

Mobile Veterinary Dispensaries (MVDs)


Livestock plays an important role in the uplift of rural economy. Mission of the veterinary services has been to protect & provide treatment to livestock against diseases in the region, for which, Mobile Veterinary Services network has been established. This network is providing quality services to the farmers at their doorsteps. These MVDs are well equipped with latest machinery and ample quantity of quality medicines. These MVDs cover all villages of the tehsil on a scheduled tour program. Staff of MVDs is has been given extensive training. MVD platform have enormously raised the quality of veterinary services across the province. The project has improved the health status of the animals resulting in increased milk and meat production. MVDs have minimized the risks linked to the food chain by controlling zoonotic and food borne diseases.