Livestock is a rising sector as its contribution to the national economy is growing continuously. Apart from this, livestock is an active employer of thousands of landless poor, subsistence and semi-subsistence small farmer families. In short, livestock and its products are directly linked to the economy of small and medium-sized farmers. It is a major source of active food and adds significantly to the health, nutrition, and wellbeing of rural as well as urban consumers. Despite the critical importance of the subjected sector, its achievements, problems, and future prospects are not emphasized in the overall developmental plans. In a country like Pakistan, data regarding livestock is not readily available and is mostly scattered. Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Punjab is rendering different services to the livestock sector of the province through its infrastructure network in the field. In addition to the efforts being done at the government level, more focus is required to promote the livestock sector on market-oriented and demand-driven basis both in the public and private sectors for socio-economic uplift of the rural masses for achieving the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation.


Sustainable development in the livestock sector to ensure food security, enhanced competitiveness, quality life of stakeholders with exportable surpluses


To support livestock development in a policy environment that enables farmers to realize the dividends of livestock farming by smartly deploying public investments in core public goods, and inducing private capital/initiative in the sector for poverty alleviation, food security and generation of exportable surpluses

Role in Economy

The agriculture sector contributes 19.2% of GDP of Pakistan, which consumes 38.5% of direct workforce, coming from 65-70% of the population. Over the years livestock has emerged as the largest subsector in agriculture. The sector contributed 60.1 percent to the agriculture value addition and 11.5 percent to the GDP during FY2021. More than 8 million rural families are engaged in livestock production and deriving more than 35-40 percent of their income from this source. Gross value addition of livestock increased to Rs 1,505 billion (2020-21) from Rs 1,461 billion(2019-20), an increase of 3.0 percent.

Departmental Restructuring for Effective Monitoring

To improve monitoring for better delivery of services, the department is working according to the following strategic plan: 

  • Effective monitoring of field and extension activities are being carried out through digital inclusion such as smart application in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)

  • Redressal of public complaints regarding service delivery through toll free helpline 08000-9211

  • Strengthening of governance framework through development of Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) in collaboration with PITB

  • Adoption of cluster approach for effective service delivery in order to create synergy among different functions of the department

New Initiatives

The department is working on the following new initiatives:

  • Genetic Improvement of Non-Descript Cattle in Punjab

  • Animal Nutrition Enhancement through Provision of Silage making machines to the farmers

  • Establishment of New CVDs and MVDs

  • Upgradation of Civil Veterinary Hospitals and Diagnostic Labs at Divisional level

  • Formulation of Livestock Policy, 2021

  • Establishment of disease free zones/compartments for FMD

  • Initiation of Punjab Animal Health Rules

  • Development of gene pool for robust breed improvement