Animal Health and Extension Services

The core functions performed under this section are:

  • Revamping of extension services and capacity building of livestock farmers through farmer’s/field days
  • Redressal of public complaints regarding service delivery through toll free helpline 08000-9211

Research and Training for Livestock Production

To increase livestock production, the following actions are being taken by the department:

  • Large scale production of quality biologics for the control of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry
  • Research studies in the related disciplines of animal health and biologics produced
  • Studies related to prevailing and newly emerging diseases of livestock and poultry
  • Development and standardization of modern techniques for research and production of biologics, and to improve their quality
  • Training of in-service veterinarians, para-veterinary staff, post-graduate students and graduate internees from veterinary/other universities of Punjab
  • Training of the farmers to familiarize them with livestock health problems and vaccination schedule etc.

Preservation and Development of Livestock Genetic Resources

Livestock Production at Government Livestock Farms