Frequently Asked Questions

How to take care of dairy animals? Top
  • Provide a balanced diet and fresh water to the animals
  • Keep the animal environment clean and calm
  • Vaccinate animals against infectious diseases as scheduled
What are the measures to prevent and control Mastitis? Top
  • Keep the animal shed clean
  • Clean hands and teats with antiseptic solution before and after milking
  • Empty the udder after milking
  • Milking should be done by a specialist milkman or use a milking machine
  • Feed at the proper time
  • Contact the nearest veterinary hospital in case of any animal disease
  • Surf Test should be used regularly for early diagnosis of mastitis
How to prevent and treat worms in animals? Top
Fecal sample of the animal should be sent to the diagnostic laboratory to identify internal worms and use medications according to the diagnosis. Use dewormer every four months.  
How to raise the animals for beef production? Top
  • Select calves of any breed from 9 to 14 months of age weighing 100 kg
  • Vaccinate the animals timely
  • Fattening is done with a balanced feed for 3 to 4 months
From where can we buy Wanda? Top
Wanda is available at Sahulat Centers located in every tehsil.  
Where can I get loan facilities for livestock farming? Top
All listed banks provide loans for livestock farming.  
Where can I get a loan for poultry farming? Top
All listed banks provide loans for poultry farming.  
How can animals be protected from seasonal diseases? Top
  • Vaccinate your animals on time
  • Protect animals from extreme heat and cold
How can uterine prolapse be prevented in animals? Top
  • Raise the back of the animal's body
  • Give mineral mixture
  • Use truss
  • Visit your nearest veterinary hospital
Where can I get a feasibility report to get a loan for control shed poultry farming? Top
Feasibility report for obtaining loan from bank can be received from the office of the concerned Additional Director Livestock.  
Where can I get subsidized poultry units? Top
Prime Minister’s Rural Poultry Units can be obtained by applying at your respective Additional Director Office.  
Where can I purchase Sahiwal cow? Top
Sahiwal cows can be purchased from local markets.  
Where can I purchase Kajli Sheep and Ram? Top
One or two animals can be purchased from Livestock Farms Khizrabad, District Sargodha. More than it, animals can be purchased from local cattle markets of  Khushab and Sargodha Districts.  
How can chickens be protected from seasonal diseases? Top
  • Vaccinate on time
  • Protect the shed from moisture during rains
  • Maintain the appropriate temperature according to age and weather
  • Protect birds from high temperatures in summer
How can animals and birds be protected from external parasites? Top
They can be protected by spraying and bathing the bodies of animals and birds with ectoparasiticides.  
What facilities does the livestock department provide for the treatment of animals? Top
  • Free diagnostic, treatment and surgery facilities
  • Vaccines against infectious diseases
  • Modern methods of artificial insemination
  • Deworming services
  • Feasibility report for animals and poultry
  • Pre-slaughter and post-slaughter examination of animals
  • Professional and technical support for livestock farming through the helpline
  • News bulletin and informative literature
Does the department provide male animals for insemination? Top
Research Center for Conservation of Sahiwal Cows (RCCSC), Jhang and Buffalo Research Institute, Pattoki can be contacted in this regard.  
How to increase the production of broiler chickens? Top
  • Buy healthy and well-bred chickens
  • Provide good care and a balanced diet
  • Vaccinate on time as scheduled
  • Protect birds from extreme heat and cold
  • Control the humidity in the bird shed during the rainy season
  • Provide a suitable place for birds to grow
What kind of literature is available with the livestock department? Top

The Livestock Department, Punjab publishes the following literature and feasibility reports:

  • Breeding of cows
  • Breeding of buffaloes
  • Breeding of mixed breed cows
  • Dairy farming
  • Beef production
  • Goat rearing
  • Sheep rearing
  • Raising sheep and goats
  • Rural poultry
  • Layer farming
  • Broiler farming
  • Duck farming
  • Quail farming
  • Winter and summer fodder
  • Vaccination chart
How does the livestock department train for poultry farming? Top
Department of Poultry Production conducts various short duration courses in the office of Deputy District Officer and Poultry Research Institute (PRI), Rawalpindi.  
Does the department provide training for livestock farming? Top
Local veterinary officers organize Farmers' Day every month as per schedule in which landlords are informed about departmental education and dairy farming.  
How can egg production be increased? Top
  • Proper diet
  • Supply of clean and fresh water
  • Proper management of light supply
  • Timely use of medicine
  • Collect eggs at least twice a day
  • Pick up broken eggs immediately
How to prevent raw egg laying in chickens? Top
The birds should be given good food which contains calcium.  
What are the characteristics of high laying hens? Top
  • Bright eyes
  • Red hair
  • Soft stomach
  • Distance from chest to tail should be of 4 fingers
  • 2 finger distance between hips
Which breed of cow and buffalo bull (semen) is available with the livestock department? Top
  • Nili Ravi Buffalo
  • Sahiwal Cows
  • Cholistani
  • Dhanni
  • Fresien
  • Jersey
Where can good breeds be found? Top
Good breeds can be bought from local cattle markets.  
Does the department provide loans for dairy/poultry farming? Top
The department does not provide livestock loans.  
Which green fodder can be grown in summer? Top
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Evergreen
  • Mott Grass
  • Guara
Which fodder to cultivate in winter? Top
  • Berseem
  • Lucerne
  • Oats
  • Rye Grass
  • Berseem and Oats
  • Berseem and Rye Grass
Where are mott grass stem and roots available? Top
Mott grass grafts and roots can be found at Agricultural University Faisalabad and LPRI, Bahadurnagar, Okara.  
How far should a poultry farm be from another farm? Top
  • At a distance of 1 km from the broiler to the broiler farm
  • 2 Layer Farm 2 km away
  • Breeder Farm 3 km away from breeder
How can a dairy or poultry farm be registered with the Livestock and Dairy Development Department? Top
The local/concerned Deputy Director Livestock registers dairy or poultry farm.  
How much Wanda should be given to lactating animals? Top
Give 1 kg of Wanda for 3 kg of milk to the lactating animals.  
How much green fodder should be given daily to a lactating animal? Top
Ten percent of the animal's live weight should be fed green fodder to a lactating animal.  
What is the formula for feeding dairy animals? Top
The ration formula can be obtained from the Livestock Department or by reading the departmental printed literature.  
How much milk should be given to a suckling calf? Top
A suckling calf should be fed at 10% of its body weight daily.  
What is the ration formula for increasing big meat and small meat? Top
Ration formulas are given in the departmental printed literature which can be read and used.  
How much space does an animal need on the farm? Top
A milch animal needs 40 square feet of covered space and 80 square feet of open space.  
How and for how long can silage be stored? Top
When the green fodder begins to flower, cut it into small pieces, press it into the pit and keep it closed for a month without air, then feed it to the animal. It can be stored for a long time.  
How much space does a broiler/layer bird need? Top
The broiler hen needs 1 square foot and the layer bird needs 2 square feet.  
What is New Castle Disease (Rani Khait), its prevention/vaccination schedule? Top

The vaccination schedule recommended by the department is as follows:

  • Eye drops up to the age of one week, 1/2 cc subcutaneously after 21 days and 1 cc subcutaneous vaccine after 2 months
What is the animal vaccination schedule? Top
The details are given in the vaccination chart.