Disease Surveillance & Anti-Tick Campaigns
Revamping of extension services and capacity building of livestock farmers through Farmer's / field days.
Visits of Mobile Veterinary Disease Diagnostics Labs.
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Mobile Veterinary Dispensaries (MVDs)
Livestock plays an important role in the uplift of rural economy. Mission of the veterinary services has been to protect & provide treatment to livestock against diseases in the region, for which, Mobile Veterinary Services network has been established. This network is providing quality services to the farmers at their doorsteps.
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Farmer Awareness
Frequently Asked Questions
How to take care of dairy animals?
  • Provide a balanced diet and fresh water to the animals
  • Keep the animal environment clean and calm
  • Vaccinate animals against infectious diseases as scheduled
What are the measures to prevent and control Mastitis?
How to prevent and treat worms in animals?
From where can we buy Wanda?
Where can I get loan facilities for livestock farming?